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DP PTO is a nonprofit organization created with the purpose of supporting and enriching the education of all Double Peak students. This begins with the understanding that our children attend a public school in the State of California, and the need to generate funds is real and will be ongoing.  

The reality is that the district does not fund these enrichment programs. As a parent community, we are responsible for funding these extraordinary programs that our children cherish. There are many opportunities that parents can participate in our fundraising efforts. Here are some of them:


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Fund the Suns is the cornerstone for all fundraising at Double Peak School. The fund generates revenue that supports unique learning opportunities in innovation, art, Leader in Me, and additional initiatives that create motivation and passion for academic success. Fund the Suns is an annual fundraising activity, critical to the school’s enrichment programs and community-building activities, ensuring the extra margin of excellence not afforded by state funding.

Fund the Suns today!

DPS PTO is a 501(c)non-profit organization, EIN #47-3651152

Football Mania_edited_edited.jpg
FootballMania Fundraiser

If you like football, you’ll love FootballMania! With each FootballMania game card, you can win  prize money by just sitting back, watching the games, and rooting for the teams printed on your game card - all while raising money for school at the same time! This sweepstakes makes football games exciting for even the most casual fan! 

Just $20 per ticket for 10 weeks to play along and win!

Runs 2nd November 2023 - 7th January 2024. 

Get your ticket here!

Ralphs Community Rewards

Go to and enter our name (Double Peak Parent Teacher Organization) and ID (WX490). Use your rewards card every time you shop to earn rewards to benefit the PTO.

Turf field
Suns Advertising Banner Fundraiser

The Advertising Banner program helps raise funds for our school programs through financial support from the community. 

Please consider becoming a sponsor or donor!

Donation form (PDF)

APEX Leadership Co

Apex Fun Run incorporates a two-week character-building and leadership program that culminates with a student run to raise donations for our school every March. Apex staff members lead the program, and all students get jerseys and prizes for jobs well done.

Box Tops

We collect Box Tops all year long. Instead of clipping them, the process is digital. Find out more through the Box Top Website.

Download the Box Tops App for easy opportunities to double or triple the Box Tops earnings for our school.

Night Outs

Night outs are a joint effort between the PTO and a local establishment. Once a date is selected, school community members are invited to eat at the restaurant or consume at the establishment during a set time period, such as 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The establishment then donates a percentage of the profits generated by the school’s families and friends. The percentage usually ranges from 10 percent to 20 percent, but it varies by the establishment. The DB PTO offers night out opportunities throughout the year.

Mabels Labels

Mabel’s Labels are customizable, waterproof, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and laundry safe labels that are perfect for labeling water bottles, lunch containers, instrument cases, clothes, shoes, and so much more!  They even make customizable kids’ medical tags and labels and allergy stickers.

Check out and search for Double Peak. 

Teacher Experience Auction

Double Peak School teachers and staff offer to give of their time and talents and design a special experience for a lucky winner (and often a few friends)! There are many opportunities to win experiences with your Double Peak teachers and staff. The auction will take place in February.

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