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Fund the Suns

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All gifts are tax-deductible. Double Peak School PTO is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Tax ID: 47-3651152

Why do we have to Fund the Suns?

Support from our community is essential to enabling programs like Leader in Me, innovation, art, and so much more! Like many other public schools, we rely on annual contributions to cover the costs of programs that distinguish Double Peak School as a premier, top-rated North County school.

Watch this interview with our Principal Mrs Obrist to hear why Fund the Suns is so important. 

Why is 100% parent participation so important?

Giving to Fund the Suns is a hallmark of a healthy, thriving school. It also honors the meaningful and purposeful instruction, which supports academic achievement and inspires curiosity, critical thinking, and innovation. We rely on the entire community to make a gift, small or large because it’s your participation that matters most. By donating just $42 per student we would hit our $50k target for 2023-24.

Where does the money go?​
  • Innovation & Technology

  • Art Program

  • Two Teacher's salaries.

  • Grade Level Support

  • Student Programs, such as Leader in Me

  • Student Recognition

  • 5% will go directly to our teachers and their classrooms if we hit $50k. (This increases to 10% if we hit $60k).

How much should I give?

Every year our goal is for 100% participation from our school community. This year we are kindly asking for $42 per student which would get us to  our $50k target for 2023-24. However, donations can range from $5-$1000 and make a significant impact on the daily experience of every DPS student. 

What are Corporate Matching Gift Programs?

Many companies encourage and support employee charitable giving by doubling or even tripling donations that their employees and retirees make to nonprofit organizations. Contact your human resources office to find out what their matching gift policy is and double your impact. Please email us at if your company will be matching your gift.


Just $42 per student would get us to our goal of $50k for this year! There are 787 families at our school, and we hope everyone will contribute. You can donate at any time throughout the school year. 

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