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Events and Activities


In addition to our fundraising events, the PTO organizes other fun activities and events during the school year.  These are some of the events.

Fall Carnival and Pumpkins

Carnival fun for all the DPS community.

Winter StoryBook Theater

December event in conjunction with the Book Fair.  Hot chocolate, sweets, fresh popcorn, crafts, book fair, special guest performances, music from DPS Jazz Band, songs performed by the DPS Holiday Choir, and gift wrapping!

Father & Daughter
Daughter-Father/Special Adult Dance

A special night for families to enjoy a night out to dance and have fun.

Multicultural Night

This is an opportunity for us to celebrate the diverse cultures that make up our school.  There are cultural performances, and table displays with finger foods from different countries. Families and students can dress up in their own culture's  traditional attire.

Rope Obstacle Course
Son-Mother/Special Adult Obstacle Event

An evening of fun races. Families are teamed up to complete several obstacle-like games.

Field Day

A day of fun for all students in June, where they spend their day in the field doing several outdoor activities.

Photobooth Party Set
Other fun events

Other fun events

Upcoming DP PTO AND SCHOOL Events

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