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Open to all the community! Big and small!

Free entry, and new this year, free shuttle service! 


Scroll down for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

October 21, 2022 - 5 to 9 p.m.

October 22, 2022 - 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • Free activities.

  • Friday: Rides, Games, Food Trucks, Face Painting, Fun Photos, & Glow

  • Saturday: Pumpkin Decorating Classroom Contest and Auction, Rides, Games, Food Trucks, Face Painting, Rock Wall, Fun Photos, Free Crafts, & Glow


Please plan to bring cash.  Use of credit card for tickets, activities, and snack bar will require $25 minimum purchase.

Food trucks will take their own forms of payment. A percentage from all food truck sales goes directly to DPS!

ride tickets 2022

Pre-Sale Unlimited Mechanical Ride Only Wristband for $40 - Good for unlimited riding for both Friday and Saturday. (Save $5 with advance purchase)

**Pick up in person day of event**
**Wristbands are non-transferable**

**Lost/damaged wristband are non-replaceable**
**No refunds or exchanges**

**Rock wall, glow, inflatables, face painting and other activities not included**


Available to purchase at the gate.

  • Unlimited Dual-Day Ride Wristband, $45

  • 40-Ticket Pack, $40 rides and carnival games only 

2022 Rides, height requirements, # tickets:

  • Ferris Wheel, 48" or with adult, 4 tickets

  • Round Up, 46", 4 tickets

  • Cliff Hanger, 46", 5 tickets

  • Tornado, 40", 4 tickets

  • Wave Slide, 42", 3 tickets

  • Crazy Plane, 34" or with adult; 42" alone, 4 tickets

  • Elephants, 34", min; 54" max, 3 tickets

  • Cycle Jump, 34"

  • Dragon Wagon, 34 or with adult", 4 tickets



Q. When and where does the Carnival take place?
A. Our Carnival takes place at Double Peak School (DPS) on:
Friday 21st October: 5 - 9pm
Saturday 22nd October, 11am - 7pm

Q. Who is the Carnival for?
A. The DPS Carnival is run by the PTO for the whole community so please invite your friends and family!

Q. Where can I park?
A. There is limited parking available at DPS. There will be a FREE Park & Ride bus service running to DPS from San Elijo Elementary School (1615 Schoolhouse Way, San Marcos). The Park & Ride bus will operate:
Friday: 5:30 – 10pm
Saturday: 1 – 8pm

We encourage families to use this free service.
Please note that no parking will be allowed in the DPS pick up lane, and any cars parked here will be towed. We recommend not to park in the Ridgeline parking lot as this closes early.



Q. Do I have to pay / need a ticket to go to the Carnival?
A. No! Entry to the DPS Carnival is free! You will however need a Wristband/ Ride Tickets to go on rides and Activity Cards for Activities.

Q. What are Wristbands for?
A. Wristbands give you access to ALL Carnival rides for BOTH Friday and Saturday! This means you can go on an unlimited number of rides! (If using your Wristband for both days, they must be kept on overnight – lost Wristbands will not be replaced.)

Q. How much are Wristbands?
A. Wristbands are $40 in the pre-sale, and $45 on the gate.

Q. When do Wristbands go on sale?
A. Pre-sale Wristbands will be available for sale from noon on Friday 7th October. There is a limited quantity and we expect them to sell out fast so don’t delay in getting yours!

Q. Once I have purchased my Wristband, where do I get it?
A. Wristbands need be collected from Will Call at the Carnival. Please bring proof of purchase with you (screenshots/ emails are fine!)

Q. Can Wristbands be shared?
A. No, Wristbands are for individual use only.

Q. What if I take my Wristband off or lose it?
A. If attending the Carnival both days, you must keep your Wristband on from Friday to leaving the event on Saturday. Any Wristbands that have been taken off, or lost, will not be replaced.  

Q. I don’t want a Wristband but want to do some rides, what do I need to buy?
A. You can buy Ride Tickets. Ride Tickets are $40 for 40 and each ride is 3-5 tickets. Ride Tickets are only available to purchase at the Carnival.

Q. Should I get a Wristband or Ride Tickets?
A. It’s up to you, but if you plan on coming both days or doing lots of rides, we would recommend the Wristband for better value.

Q. Is there an age / height restriction on the rides?
A. Some of the rides have a height requirement (minimum of 34”), and some rides require an adult accompanying.

Q. Rides aren’t for me, is there anything else to do?
A. Yes! We have lots of activities, a disco, pumpkins, and food to enjoy!



Q. What are the Activities?
A. This year we have a Rock Climbing Wall, inflatables, Face Painting, Photo Booth and a free craft!

Q. How do I do the Activities?
A. You need Activity Cards to pay for Activities (These are different to Wristbands /Ride Tickets, because they are operated by the PTO, not the Carnival company). Activity Cards are $5 each and each Activity is 1 - 3 Cards.

Q. Where do I get Activity Cards?
A. Activity Cards are available to purchase at the Carnival.

Q. If I get a Wristband, does that cover Activities?
A. No, Wristbands are for rides only. To do Activities, you will need to purchase Activity Cards at the Carnival.

Q. Are there any free activities?
A. Yes! We will have a free craft (while supplies last), and on Friday evening there will also be a Disco with dance party! There is also a pumpkin contest where you can see how creative DPS students are!


Q. Will there be food and drinks?
A. Yes! We will have a whole range of food trucks with food and drinks for sale! A percentage of all proceeds from food trucks come back to DPS!

Q. What food options will you have?

A. We will have the following:

  • Baby's Burgers

  • Beachin Boba

  • Chic-Fil-A

  • Dropouts Pizza

  • Kona Ice

  • Ms Potato (Sat Only)

  • Cotton Candy (Fri Only)

  • El Habanero Street Tacos




Q. When are the contests?
A. The contests will take place on Saturday. Participants will have the opportunity to decorate and submit an entry into the respective contest, which will be voted for by you!

Q. How do I vote in the contests
A. You can cast your vote in the pumpkin contest by scanning the QR code at the Carnival or here. For the cutout contest, you can submit your vote here.  The winning class will receive a PTO sponsored party!

Q. How do I bid to win a pumpkin?
A. You can buy a class pumpkin by bidding on it at the Carnival by scanning the QR code at the Carnival or here.  All funds raised come directly to DPS



Q. What payment methods can I use?
A. You can pay for Wristbands, Ride Tickets and Activity Cards at the Carnival with card or cash. Please note, there is a $25 minimum on card transactions. We recommend you bring cash for smaller transactions.
Food trucks will have their own payment requirements and systems.

Q. Can I bring my dog / pet?
A. As per SMUSD guidelines, non-service animals and pets are not allowed on the school site.

CRAZY PLANE (34" W/ADULT; 42" alone)

We can't do this without help! Please consider volunteering!

Image by Bee Felten-Leidel


To encourage artistic creativity among the Double Peak student community, we are hosting a pumpkin decorating contest (lower grades) and a photo cutout contest (upper grades).

Entries will be on display on Saturday and will be competing for Classroom Favorite. The winner of each will receive a PTO sponsored classroom party! 

Have you seen your favorite entries in person? Submit your vote by scanning the QR code next to the display!

Pumpkin auction available after the display!

Special thanks to OUR 2022 CARNIVAL SPONSORS